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Walldog Mural sponsored by Don's Furniture. Project Leaders - Jason Nale and Chris Lovelady.
Location - Chad Lucas State Farm (Hickory St. side)


Elmer Blasco was creator of baseball’s golden glove award. Born in 1920, he attended local grade schools and graduated from Streator Township High School in 1938. After graduating from the University of Illinois, and joining the army during WWII, Elmer would eventually begin working for Rawlings in 1950. Mr. Blasco, Rawlings’ manager of advertising, public relations and sales back then, could not help but notice that most players – and in some cases, full starting lineups – were all wearing Rawlings fielders’ gloves. Blasco suggested that Rawlings honor “the finest in the field” with a special, defense-specific award as almost every award then celebrated offense and pitching, but neglected the one skill set widely considered the key to winning championships in any sport. The following year, in 1957, Rawlings and the baseball industry began to celebrate “The Finest in the Field®” with the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, the coveted symbol and prestigious award program recognizing defensive excellence at baseball’s highest level. Inaugural winners that year included Nellie Fox, Al Kaline and Willie Mays.




To find the latest entries for our series on Movie Serials, click on its title from the list on the left of this HOME PAGE. Choose your topic from the fly-out menu which will appear and enjoy!

We've found new additions for our pictorical trip back in time so click on STREATOR: OUR HOMETOWN (in the list to the left of this HOME PAGE) to take a trip through Streator before we were born. 

It's time for you to write your "story" of where and why you're living where you are. Some have chosen to write a lengthy narrative, which has been wonderful; but I fear it's frightened off others.

Please just share what made you choose your hometown to retire in; or if you're still working, please tell us where and what keeps you going. We'll take stories of any size - we just want to catch up on YOU!

You can email them to me at indianamackey@aol.com or post them on "What's New!"

You'll find the answers we've received so far - How I Got Where I Am -  listed to the left of the HOME PAGE about half way down and just before "Special Series."

Classmates can now share photos on any topic they feel the rest of us would enjoy in picture galleries. And, they can add as many gallaries as they wish. Simply:

  1. Click on "The Review" in the column on the left side of the home page.
  2. Click on an existing photo group to enter a gallery someone else created.
  3. Go to the last page of pictures in the gallery and click on the "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here" button at the bottom of that page.
  4. Follow the directions on screen to create your gallery of photos.

Remember, as always on this site, you must be able to find where the pictures are on your computer. In other words, what file they are in; most will be in "My Pictures."

Only you can add photos to galleries you create, and all photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery!

Well, it's not quite "The Review" we knew in high school, but it can be a wonderful way to share photos of your families, trips, old high school pictures, and other stuff that interests you.



We didn't have the "computer advantage" when we were growing up so many of us are a little timid when approaching this newfangled contraption. With that in mind, a new forum section entitled "All You Need to Know But Are too Shy to Ask" has been created.

 The new feature has directions for many of the skills needed to take full advantage of our web site. It even explains how to print those directions so you can have them in front of you as you navigate into new territory.

 A second feature explains exactly how to obtain additional help with any problem which may come up. It's really simple: just email me, as site administrator; and I'll get the answer straight from the experts at Class Creator.

So now, with a little bit of determination, you can fully explore the site, send emails, reply to survey questions, comment in forums, and load pictures. Just click on the link below.


or copy and paste the following into search


Glad to have you online with us!

Please register and choose a password so you can explore the complete site we have created. It's filled with classmates' memories, pictures, updates, information on the Fifties, and more.

So Welcome to the World of Streator High School 1958!


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•   Bruce Mackey  5/2
•   Marsha Turner (Hill)  4/30
•   Terrence Maskel  3/23
•   Gayle Lahman  3/3
•   Nancy Panno (Eden)  3/1
•   Peter Dell  11/3
•   Judy Kooi (Clark)  11/3
•   Brenda Mallonee (Kerstetter)  10/13
•   Jon Sampson  8/18
•   Beverly Noble (Meyer)  6/21
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