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40s-50s Christmas at Movies





Christmas at the Movies

THE FOLLOWING IS A PLAYLIST OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES from the 40s and 50s that were released in theaters during that decade. Most of these are represented by trailers instead of the full length features that we had when we first presented this topic. A fee is now charged by YouTube to view these films. It's fun, however, to view these old previews, and they will help you decide whether you'd care to see the entire film.

The playlist was compiled from various sources on the web who listed their ideas of the best Christmas movies. Criteria varied but the majority of these films made all lists.

To watch, just click on the title and sit back. The next movie or trailer will begin right after the first finishes so you'll have to choose another if you don't want to watch what the playlist chooses.

Pop some corn and enjoy the show!

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